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Pasadena Bed Lining provides:
  • Straight lines – no over-spray anywhere
  • Factory new finish
  • A high-heat, high-pressure system that dries in 10 seconds
  • A permanently adhering bed liner
  • A sprayed-on bedliner that doesn’t rust
  • A seal that prevents moisture and dirt from getting to the truck bed
  • A Bedliner that is Guaranteed for the life of your truck
  • 20 years experience
  • Pride in our craft
  • Guaranteed results
Pasadena Bed Linings has the knowledge and experience that you can rely on. We have over 20 years experience in the industrial coatings industry. We have tested every coating in the market today including our competitors’ and have found our formula to be superior. Our commitment to quality is what separates us from the competition. 

We challenge you to look at any competitor’s liner. Open the tailgate. Look at the lines. Are they straight?  Clean?  Would you want your truck to look like that? Do they remove the bolts in the bed?  Do they remove the tie downs? Or do they just spray over them? Ask for the data sheets on their product.

Then look at a Pasadena Bed Lining. Our superior product and technique will speak for itself. 

I am the owner and I am convinced that once you see the quality of our work the decision will be easy. You will see the difference 20 years of experience and pride in ownships makes versus an employee of a franchise brand that just completed a 2 or 3 day corporate training session.